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vCO on Facebook

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The people working on vCenter Orchestrator have created a page for it on Facebook. If you have a facebook account you can visit the page and click on like.

VMware released vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Update 1

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VMware released vCenter Orchestrator 5.1.1 As part of the vCenter 5.1 update 1. I rarely cover these updates on the blog since they are mostly bug fixes. This one is different since it includes some long due functionalities. I did ask for some of these and the dev team did an awesome job implementing them !

VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Quick Reference

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Have you ever read the official vCenter Orchestrator documentation? If not, I strongly recommend you to check it out. On this page (http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/orchestrator_pubs.html), there is an information treasure of 7 (yes, seven!) guides, which are available in different formats, including mobi and epub, and contain information about every aspect of the Orchestrator configuration and interface.

Remove computer from AD using vCO during vCAC Decommission

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As vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) gains traction, so too does the need for details on how to extend it using vCenter Orchestrator (vCO). I have kept an eye out for good articles on vCAC and just saw a great one at the DailyHypervisor.com blog around Adding a computer account to Active Directory OU. This is something that we had done for LifeCycleManager (LCM) quite some time back and feel it is a good candidate for a vCO-centeric article. So a quick thanks to Sid Smith for his article. Our focus will be on deleting the Computer Object from Active Directory when the Machine gets decommissioned. The techniques described here will help understand the steps needed for other integrations as well. This task can obviously be performed by PowerShell, dsrem.exe, and any other number of methods, but this article will provide you with a vCO way to do it. It should also be noted that vCAC has an AD Clean-Up wizard that will remove the machine record form AD when configured, but it may not have the logging capabilities that are used in this vCO example.

Enable vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) to read and write Excel files

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The purpose of this article is to provide readers with instructions on how to give vCO the ability to read and write Microsoft Excel files (xls / xlsx). Yes, it is 2013 yet there are plenty of reasons why organizations might still be using an Excel spreadsheet instead of a database table.. We won't dwell on that here, instead we'll focus on providing those organizations with a step-by-step guide to provide such functionality to vCenter Orchestrator. We'll discuss two approaches here: JDBC library and PowerShell.

vCloud Director catalog replication

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vCloud Director has a nice feature allowing to organize vApps into catalogs. If like me you need to replicate these catalog across organization or even different vCloud hosts you may find your solution here.

NUC Lab Kit

Below are my thoughts for a vSAN nuc lab. Since I already have cables, not including them here. I ordered (and received by Nov 30, 2016)
3 x nuc, 3 x 32GB Crucial mem, 3 x Toshiba NVMe drive, 3 x Startech USB to GB NIC, and 3 x Crucial 1TB SSD. I've also been very happy with my Cisco SG300-10 so I bought one more since my existing one only has one port available. Each of the items listed here are linked below - all were purchased using the provided links below.
single NIC (See this post for details on using the USB -> GB NIC item listed below

I stayed with the i5 for the power consumption and form factor vs. the i7 Skull Canyon ;)