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Quoting the release notes :

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for Microsoft Active Directory allows organizations to automate the management of directory services tasks, particularly as they pertain to cloud provisioning use cases. For instance, the plug-in enables the automatic provisioning of vCloud Director organizations based on data retrieved from Active Directory. The plug-in also includes many administrative actions related to computers, organizations, user groups, and users, such as resetting passwords or adding users to a user group. The drag-and-drop workflow designer of vCenter Orchestrator allows you to easily assemble these actions into higher-level workflows to automate repetitive Active Directory administrative tasks.

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As some of you may know, VMware recently launched an official vCenter Orchestrator blog! The team at VMware has put together a nice sample scenario post that walks you through the use of the Cisco UCS Manager plug-in. Be sure to stop by and check it out! To keep up on the posts there, feel free to follow their Read more ...RSS Feed.

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With this release vCenter Orchestrator is extending his reach in the automation of the cloud infrastructure with managing the physical infrastructure supporting it.

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VMware now has a formal home at VMware blogosphere to communicate about vCenter Orchestrator.
You can expect upcoming posts from the vCO product, engineering and professional services teams.

Check the welcome article and make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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No worries if you missed the live broadcast. It is available below. We had a very active session for just under an hour. Hope you enjoy(ed) the show :)

For the vCO portion of the discussion, we had Burke Azbill and John Stanford from VMware's Cloud Services team!

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