VMware KB TV - How to install and configure VMware vCenter Orchestrator

We are proud to announce that vCO Team members and VMware KB TV today released vCO 4.1 installation and configuration videos. These videos were published on the excellent VMware KB blog and VMwareKB channel on youtube. We definitely recommend you to subscribe to these and to follow VMware KB on twitter.

Thousands of visitors have consulted our installation and configuration articles in the last few months and these are the only articles getting more and more traffic week after week. If you did not already install and configure vCenter Orchestrator yet please follow these instructions.

Installation - If you already have installed vCenter 4.1 vCenter Orchestrator got installed silently. You can skip this step or as we recommend you can install vCO on a separate Windows 2008 Server. vCO does not require to be installed in the same VM as vCenter. It orchestrates it remotely and will take advantage of the resource offered by a dedicated VM.

Configuration - vCO first configuration can be a bit tricky particularly if you are not used to the LDAP syntax. Check how this is configured in the following video.