Developing Your First VMware vCO Workflow Video Series

One of our contributing authors, Sergio Sanchez, has just published a three-part video series on Developing your first VMware vCO Workflow. In this series, Sergio steps you through the process of creating a new workflow to power on a VM and send e-mail from scratch. A couple library actions, a decision box, scriptable tasks, and error handling will be used throughout the series. The actions taken during this video series will be common across nearly all custom workflow development you perform in the future so it serves as a great basis to get you started.


Concepts covered during the course of the series include:


Part 1

  • Create a workflow
  • Defne input parameters
  • Create the schema


Part 2

  • Bind workflow elements with input parameters and attributes


Part 3

  • JavaScript code for the scriptable task elements
  • Create the workflow presentation
  • Validate the workflow

NUC Lab Kit

Below are my thoughts for a vSAN nuc lab. Since I already have cables, not including them here. I ordered (and received by Nov 30, 2016)
3 x nuc, 3 x 32GB Crucial mem, 3 x Toshiba NVMe drive, 3 x Startech USB to GB NIC, and 3 x Crucial 1TB SSD. I've also been very happy with my Cisco SG300-10 so I bought one more since my existing one only has one port available. Each of the items listed here are linked below - all were purchased using the provided links below.
single NIC (See this post for details on using the USB -> GB NIC item listed below

I stayed with the i5 for the power consumption and form factor vs. the i7 Skull Canyon ;)



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