vCloud Director Custom Deploy vApp Workflow

The overall goal of the Custom Deploy vApp workflow is to provide a single call workflow that is capable of instantiating a vApp Template from vCloud Director (vCD) and performing a number of operations on the resulting vApp before actually deploying and powering it on. The workflow is intended to be an example and starting point for deployments that require any or all of these features. It can also be called via 3rd party connectors using the vCenter Orchestrator SOAP API. NOTE: NOT intended for use with vCD Blocking Tasks.

These operations include:

  • Check Org for vApp name already existing in any vDCs, if so append number until unique
  • Instantiate, but do not deploy or power on immediately
  • Apply custom naming convention to each VM in the vApp
  • Base VM name on vApp name
  • Customize the Guest OS Customization script
  • Specify IP for VM
  • Create Computer Account in specific OU of Active Directory
  • Add specified domain\user to local administrators group
  • Connect VM to Network
  • Change Hard Disk Size
  • Add extra Disk to VM
  • Modify the VM CPU count
  • Modify the VM Memory
  • Deploy vApp

Custom Deploy vApp Screenshot

The package and custom workflow requires a functional vCO server with the vCloud Director 1.5 plugin or 5.1 installed and configured. Additionally, the Active Directory plugin should be installed and configured to facilitate the Computer Account creation in AD. A functional vCD environment should be available with 1 or more vApp Templates containing at least one Windows VM. All of which should be configured as discussed throughout this document. (Note: step-by-Step installation/configuration is out of scope here)

While this workflow has been developed and tested successfully, it should always be executed and tested using the vCO Client before attempting to call via the SOAP or REST API. This allows for determining appropriate inputs and faster troubleshooting. Once the workflow has completed successfully in the target environment, it is safe to begin integration with other systems.

Find the workflow package and more information on the VMware vCenter Orchestrator communities:

Plug-ins may be found at the VMware Solution Exchange website.