Infoblox announced a vCenter Orchestrator plug-in


Quoting the Infoblox press-release:

Today at VMworld® 2011, Infoblox Inc. announced it is delivering a fully integrated plug-in for the VMware vCloud® Orchestrator community. Working with VMware vCloud Director™, the integrated solution provides automated IP addressing and related management capabilities in real-time as virtual machines are created.

As a result, the Infoblox plug-in accelerates private and public cloud deployment, simplifies management and bridges network and virtual IT team silos by enabling automated assignment of IP addresses to virtual machines. Additionally, VMware vCloud™ Director integrated with Infoblox delivers cloud infrastructure resources on-demand to provide maximum business agility using virtualized resources.

Note the slip-up "vCloud Orchestrator"

The plug-in allows to:

  • Provision systems in minutes instead of days with automated IP address provisioning for Cloud infrastructure and services
  • Improve reliability with automated HA/DR for critical underlying network services
  • Simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime with real-time visibility into physical and virtualized network infrastructure, including distributed VM-based Cloud stacks
  • Manage movement between VM clusters easily with synchronization of critical DNS, DHCP and IP address services
  • Eliminate errors introduced by manual processes

See the full press release here.