VMware released the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vCenter Server 5.0


vCenter Orchestrator 4.2 shipped with vCenter 5 including a vCenter 4.1 plug-in. While being usable with vCenter 5 it does not leverage the new functionality of vCenter 5. This has now being taken care of with the release of the vCenter 5 plug-in. Not only the plug-in exposes 100% of the vCenter 5 API it also provides a lot of additional workflows for networking and host configuration.

Some of these workflows include:

  • Connect a virtual machine NIC number to distributed virtual port group
  • Create distributed virtual switch
  • Update port group in standard virtual switch
  • Attach host system to distributed virtual switch
  • Add datastore on NFS
  • Add datastore on iSCSI/FC/local SCSI
  • Add datastore to cluster
  • Create VMDK anti-affinity rule

The full list of available workflows for the vCenter 5 plug-in (and other vCenter Orchestrator plug-ins) is available here.

The vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for vCenter Server 5.0 runs on VMware vCenter Orchestrator4.1 and later.

vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vCenter Server 5.0: release notes, documentation, and download.