VMware released the vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-in


This SNMP plug-in allows vCenter Orchestrator to connect and receive information from Simple Network Management Protocol enabled systems.

In terms of capabilities the plug-ins allows to:

  • Register SNMP hosts, Add SNMP GET, GETNEXT and GETBULK queries to retrieve device from host MIBs (Management Information Base) using OIDs (Object Identifier): Running these workflows will add new items to the inventory.

  • Set policies to listen to trap events coming from SNMP hosts and to start remediation workflows


  • Send SNMP traps to monitoring systems

The included workflows are the following:


All these workflows are documented here.

Note the sample workflows that wait on getting a trap from vCenter when a datastore is full and start a remediation workflow removing all unused files.

You can use the plug-in to get information and traps from several network devices such as routers, switches, network printers, and UPS devices. The plug-in can also receive events from vCenter Server over the SNMP protocol.

The plug-in provides full coverage of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c, and partial coverage of SNMPv3. The VMware vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-In 1.0 release runs on VMware vCenter Orchestrator4.1 and later.

For further information check vCenter Orchestrator SNMP Plug-in: release notes, documentation, and download.