Infoblox released a Tech Note on their vCenter Orchestrator plug-in


Following their press-release and VMworld 2011 presentation Infoblox has now published a technical note which can help you to learn how the Infoblox VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in alleviates the challenges of IP Address Management within rapidly expanding virtualized environments.

Quoting a part of the Tech Note:

The plug-in was developed for and is delivered with the VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), which works in tandem with the VMware vCloud Director (vCD). The vCD provides automated IP addressing and related management capabilities in real time as virtual machines are created and destroyed.


Using the Infoblox VMware plug-in solution, an IT professional managing a virtualized environment can now:
• Provision systems in minutes, instead of days, with automated IP address provisioning for Cloud infrastructure and services by enabling automatic IP allocation and de-allocation as VMs are spun up and shut down
• Simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime with real-time visibility into physical and virtualized network
• Manage movement between VM clusters easily with synchronization of critical DNS, DHCP and IP address services
• Eliminate errors introduced by manual processes

Find the full Tech note here.