If you are interested in a possible career change to work in the most exciting, most ground breaking company in the software industry here is a chace to do it !

 Integration Orchestration Development Engineers

VMware is seeking several Integration Orchestration Development engineers and they must have strong infrastructure integration scripting knowledge using scripting languages like JavaScript, Perl, Python, PowerShell, Ruby, Bash, MSDOS, etc… This is a backend developer role with little to no client interfacing responsibilities. VMware is looking for candidates that have experience in tying together several technology point products into a cohesive solution, particularly through automation, scripting or custom modifications. The individuals will work under direction of VMware Architects, and take direction from on-site consulting teams that are collecting and coordinating customer requirements.

Integration Orchestration Practice Manager

VMware is seeking an Integration Orchestration Practice Manager that will supervise a team performing custom integration & orchestration (i.e. Automation). Candidates should come from a strong software development lifecycle (SDLC) background and ideally have managed teams consisting of skill sets within SOAP, REST, vendor SDK interfaces and strong infrastructure scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, PowerShell, Ruby, Bash, MSDOS, etc... The candidate should have experience as an engineer or architect with Virtualized Datacenter design and implementations.

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