VMware released vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1

vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 has been released as part of the vCenter Server 5.0 update 1.

This is the first common release for the Windows (Build 555) and Appliance (Build 612841) version.

This release contains several improvements and bug fixes such as:

  • The app-server/server/vmo/log/script-logs.log now automatically include the workflow the log is coming from using the format:
    {code}<Date> <Severity> [SCRIPTING_LOG] [<Workflow> (<Execution start date>)] <Message>{/code}
  • SSH plug-in does not fail anymore transfering files.
  • Issues fixed in library workflows.

Also note he that for security reason the vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 and its subsequent releases no longer support the default remote login to the Orchestrator configuration interface. The remote login ability can be restored if needed.

Please check the vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 release notes for further information.

Download the vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 Virtual Appliance