VMware released the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vShield 5.0

Quoting the release notes:

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vShield allows vShield administrators to simplify the management of their vShield infrastructure by extending the robust workflow automation platform of VMware to the vShield environment. These workflows are built using the drag-and-drop capability of the workflow editor in the Orchestrator client. vCenter Orchestrator uses the plug-in to access the functionality of vShield and the vShield APIs. The included, pre-built workflows simplify the process to get you started with custom workflow creation.

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vShield release runs on VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.1. The plug-in is compatible with VMware vShield 5.0.

This plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator provides out-of-the-box workflows for automating vShield security in a variety of use cases, including:

  1. Segment and isolate workloads with Security Groups and vShield App firewall rules
  2. Provision and secure the virtual network perimeter with vShield Edge
  3. Modify scan settings for discovery of sensitive data with vShield Data Security
  4. Simplify activation and de-activation of endpoint security services with vShield Endpoint

Beyond automation of vShield workflows, this plug-in allows for orchestration across multiple solutions including vCloud Director and vCenter Update Manager. Imagine being able to automate the creation of private clouds while securing the workloads within these close - all with a single workflow! This new vShield plug-in makes this possible.

Please check the following links:

  • Release notes
  • Download (Click on the 'Drivers & Tools' tab on any of these pages, expand the link for 'vCenter Orchestrator Plug-ins' and click on the 'View Download' button next to the vShield plug-in. Follow the instructions and download to your local system. The plug-in is available in a .vmoapp file format).
  • Documentation (other formats such as HTML, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI are provided here)
  • Communities forum