VMware released vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) version 3.0


As part of the Cloud Infrastructure and Management Center of Excellence Team who worked on this project we are glad to announce the release of the new vCloud Architecture Toolkit. Amongst many enhancements, this version covers vCenter Orchestrator best practices that have been proven in real-world enterprise and service provider cloud deployments. It also includes a Workflow examples implementation guide and its workflows.

Quoting the vCAT page:

The VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) is a set of reference documents designed to help you construct a superior working cloud solution leveraging current technologies, recommended practices and innovative tools that have been proven in real-world enterprises. Written by VMware cloud architects and experts, vCAT provides enterprise IT managers and architects recommended design and support solutions attested, validated and optimized – they represent the most efficient examples and help you make the right choices for your business.

We have expanded the scope across the current 700+ pages to include the following sections:

Core Documents:

  • Introduction
  • VMware vCloud Service Definitions
  • Architecting a VMware vCloud
  • Operating a VMware vCloud
  • Consuming a VMware vCloud
  • Implementation Examples

Add-ons and Tools:

  • Workflow Examples
  • Software Tools
  • Cloud Bursting

The workflows mentioned in the Workflow examples section are located in the Orchestrator community

To learn more, and download the Toolkit, visit the vCAT Toolkit page.