VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 Quick Reference

Have you ever read the official vCenter Orchestrator documentation? If not, I strongly recommend you to check it out. On this page (http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/orchestrator_pubs.html), there is an information treasure of 7 (yes, seven!) guides, which are available in different formats, including mobi and epub, and contain information about every aspect of the Orchestrator configuration and interface.

The only disadvantage of this amazing documentation set is the large number of pages, more than 500, which is the average size of a popular novel. Well, I have to admit that reading manuals might not be as amusing as reading novels and for sure, it might take a long time and patience.

If manuals are the "novels" in technical documentation, then quick references might be the "poetry". Poems are shorter, easier to read, and they don't tell complicated stories, exactly as the following three Quick References for Orchestrator:

file icon pdfvCO Client Quick Reference

file icon pdfvCO Configuration Quick Reference

file icon pdfvCO Developer's Quick Reference

file icon pdfvCO Scripting Quick Reference