An Honest review of the TTS Service Synthesys

I use Text To Speech (TTS) pretty regularly on MacOS to read content to me with a simply key combination. Up until recently, that was the extent of my interest or need in it.

My wife was interested in creating short english lesson videos in a cartoon format, but neither of us wanted to act out the character voices. Enter TTS. This took place in the beginning of September so we started looking around for a nice Text To Speech solution. Enter ! The sales page has a number of example phrases spoken by the software. For what is listed, most of them sound pretty good and more natural than the typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices. This is because they have hired in voice actors actual voices into their software to build out this offering.

For my complete walk-through of this software, including letting you hear ALL of the voices available at the time of my experience, please have a look at my YouTube video here:

One extra note here - the unlimited credits was an initial launch offering that expired by the time I was looking at the software. At the beginning of October the offer was reactivated briefly to re-energize their sales again so I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to bring that offer back in brief spurts.

If you like what you see and feel it may be a good fit for you, I would appreciate you using my affiliate link here: .