How many actions come with the vCloud Plug-in?

A total of 158 new actions are delivered as part of the VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vCloud Director. The table below provides their names and descriptions

Action NameAction Description
updateCatalogItem null
disableAdminVdc null
discardSuspendedState null
createOrgLeaseSettings null
publishAdminCatalog null
updateUser null
deleteAdminCatalog null
updateAdminCatalog null
uploadMedia null
createOrgSmtpSettings null
createEndOfTaskTriggerForTask null
getAdminOrganizationFromVApp null
deleteVAppTemplate null
createAdminVdcParams null
updateMedia null
deleteUser null
insertMedia null
createAdminOrganization null
uploadFiles null
getAdminExtensionFromVdc null
deleteAdminOrganization null
createLdapUserAttributes null
deleteAdminVdc null
getVdcFromVApp null
enableVMWHost null
updateRole null
getNumberOfNic null
shutdown null
deleteRole null
createIpRanges null
downloadVAppTemplate null
undeploy null
updateVimServer null
unregisterVimServer null
importGroup null
createImportVmAsVAppParams null
importVmAsVApp null
updateAdminVdc null
createAccessSetting null
getAdminOrganizationFromCatalog null
getOrganizationFromVM null
createUser null
validateVlanIdRanges null
getAdminHostFromOrganization null
createLdapGroupAttributes null
createVMWProviderVdcParams null
createVMWProviderVdc null
createShieldManagerParams null
createRole null
erase null
getVmsFromVApp null
createVMWProviderNetwork null
createLeaseSettingsSection null
createVMWNetworkPool null
getAdminHostFromRole null
enableVMWProviderVdc null
deleteCatalogItem null
getAdminExtensionFromOrganization null
deploy null
createIpScope null
createNetworkConfiguration null
createVAppNetworkConfiguration null
vim3WaitTaskEnd Wait for a VC Task to end. When task ended, return the task result if any.
getOrganizationFromVAppTemplate null
updateInternalState null
disableVMWHost null
createOrgEmailSettings null
reset null
getAllClusterComputeResourceForVimHost Get all the ClusterComputeResource in a VimHost
updateGroup null
getHosts null
reboot null
getRolesFromOrganization null
getHostByUrl null
uploadFiles null
deleteMedia null
getAdminOrganizationFromGroup null
updateInternalState null
createNetworkConfigSection null
getAdminHostFromHost null
validateIps null
getAdminExtensionFromHost null
getOrganizationFromCatalog null
powerOn null
createAdminVdc null
isExternalUser null
shutdown null
validateIpRanges null
createVlanIdRanges null
getOrganizationFromMedia null
getThumbnail null
repairVMWHost null
powerOn null
getAdminOrganizationFromOrganization null
undeploy null
deleteAdminOrgNetwork null
getHostFromVimServer null
createCatalogItem null
instantiateVAppTemplate null
getAdminHostFromGroup null
createVAppNetworkConfigurationNone null
enableDownload null
login null
createOvfMsg null
powerOff null
createRightsList null
updateInternalState null
addHost null
suspend null
updateVMWProviderNetwork null
createNetworkPoolParams null
unprepareVMWHost null
uploadVAppTemplate null
upgradeVMWHost null
createOrgLdapSettings null
deleteVMWProviderNetwork null
validateVlanId null
suspend null
createAdminOrgNetwork null
removeHost null
prepareVMWHost null
updateVMWProviderVdc null
getOrganizationFromVdc null
registerVimServer null
updateVMWNetworkPool null
deleteVMWProviderVdc null
createVimServerParams null
erase null
deleteVMWNetworkPool null
getOrganizationFromCatalogItem null
importVmAsVAppTemplate null
discardSuspendedState null
cloneMedia null
enableAdminVdc null
reset null
createNetworkConfigSection null
deploy null
createImportVmAsVAppTemplateParams null
powerOff null
createVMWProviderNetworkParams null
ejectMedia null
deleteGroup null
reboot null
acquireTicket null
getOrganizationFromVApp null
createAdminCatalog null
createUsersList null
forceReconnect null
updateAdminOrganization null
uploadOVFFile null
validateIp null
createUserParams null
enableAdminOrganization null
updateVAppTemplate null
createVAppNetworkConfiguration null
createOrgSettings null
createCompositionItemParams null
createControlAccessParams null