Is vCenter Orchestrator a new product ?

Not really. vCO has been around for several years and has been re-branded a few times. It has been known as:

  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) - a component of the vRealize Suite
  • VMware vCO - a component of vCenter that has been available since VMware vCenter 4 (released March, 30 2009)
  • VMO - VMware Orchestrator. (until version 3.2). VMO was underlying platform of VMware Lifecycle Manager (released March, 30 2008)
  • Dunes VS-O - Virtual Service Orchestrator (until version 3.1.4). The first orchestration software solution for VMware VirtualCenter (released October 28, 2004)
  • Dunes S-Ops - Application Service Management (released November, 30 2002).