VMware Labs released the vCenter Orchestrator CIM Plug-in



Here is yet another vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) plug-in. This time to enable a set of discovery and monitoring features.

Citing the CIM plug-in summary page:

ESX includes a CIM Object Manager (CIMOM) that implements a set of server discovery and monitoring features. With the VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API, clients that use industry-standard protocols can do the following:

  • Enumerate system resources
  • Monitor system health data

The plugin is general enough to support other CIM compliant services and is not limited only to ESX. However the primary goal for developing the plugin was to expose ESX CIMOM in the vCenter Orchestrator. This affected the API design.


Enables the following use-cases without being limited to them.

  • Reporting Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number
  • Reporting the BIOS Version
  • Monitoring State of All Sensors
  • Monitoring State of All Sensors By Using Only the Implementation Namespace
  • Reporting Fan Redundancy
  • Reporting CPU Cores and Threads
  • Reporting Memory Slots

For more information and access to the download please visit the CIM plug-in page on VMware labs.