How to use the SOAPInterceptor to see the SOAP Header and Body

On a recent project, I was having trouble figuring out why invoking a SOAP operation kept failing with the vCO SOAP plug-in. The inputs I was providing appeared to be correct and worked just fine with soapUI. This short tutorial will teach you how to use the SOAPInterceptor to display the Header and Body that the SOAP plug-in is sending. SOAP Operation Auto-Generated Workflow A typical Invoke Operation workflow looks similar to the above image.

VMware released the vCenter Orchestrator SOAP and REST Plug-ins

Today a major milestone has been achieved for vCenter Orchestrator.VMware released not one but two very useful plug-ins adapter: SOAP is a protocol used to implement a web service typically used over HTTP and in combination with a service catalog (Web Service Description Language - WSDL pronounced wisdel). Examples of applications using SOAP are vCenter, vCenter Orchestrator, Lab Manager REST is the technology behind the World Wide Web, leveraging HTTP verbs and URI to define resources and operations with stateless connections.