vCO Plugin for vSphere Client

To increase usability and acceptance of vCO we - mightycare solution - created a vCO Plugin for vSphere Client. So admins and users has a direct access to the big world of vCO workflows. Actual our Beta comes up with following features:

  • customizable context menu for virtual machines
  • state and parameter values for running workflows
  • optional prompt for finished workflows with values and state (can be checked for each flow)
  • customizable input for input parameters - predefined or prompt for input (for each parameter in each flow)
  • all settings per user, saved in registry - roaming user friendly

vCO Plugin

To make a round tool we need your input - what do you think about it - what functions do you need in a tool like this. All tools from mightycare are free or there is a light version available, also for this.
If you want to participate on beta community and help us to make a good product for you, contact us at
You can read additional details on and, screenshots included.

Regards, Andreas