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As developers and integrators, we often find ourselves needing to launch vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) from other systems and languages. Well, that task for Python developers has just gotten a little easier! VMware (VMW) Labs has just released a new Fling: PyvCO - Python bindings for VMware's vCenter Orchestrator. Be sure to visit VMware Labs to download this great free utility library!

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This week's VendorWag with @Mike_Laverick features the recent interview he conducted with Burke Azbill here at Stop by RTFM Education to see/hear the interview regarding vCenter Orchestrator (vCO). Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all of you here in the U.S.A. :)
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No worries if you missed the live broadcast. It is available below. We had a very active session for just under an hour. Hope you enjoy(ed) the show :)

VMware Communities Roundtable

Title:#115 - VMware Orchestrator - Orchestrating the Cloud

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Hello everyone! I just had a great interview with @Mike_Laverick of RTFM Education where we talked at length about VMware's vCenter Orchestrator! Keep an eye out for a new episode of "Chinwag with Mike" in a few weeks :)

And even sooner, I've just been requested to participate in today's VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast by @jtroyer. Be sure to stop by!

One final note: we have setup a Twitter account as you may have noticed here on our page. For those of you on the RSS Feeds, feel free to also follow us @vcoteam.

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