Extend Automation Center with F5 AFM using vCO + Dynamic Types

My colleague, Chris Slater at defined by software has published an article on how to extend VMware Automation Center (vCAC) with F5 firewall functionality. I usually do not cross post articles but this one is worth mentioning since it is a real world example on how to leverage vCAC + vCO + Dynamic Types + third party API.

The first part of the article explains the different options available to automate F5 including the F5 plug-in for vCO, PowerShell, the big IP CLI, the SOAP and REST APIs and give an overview of the solution.

The second part of the article digs into how to build this integration leveraging my dynamic types plug-in generator package and tutorial.

Thanks for Chris to sharing this, but also thanks to Marc Chisinevski from F5 who built the AFM integration.