VMware released the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in SDK

Symphony Orchestra

VMware released a software development kit allowing the creation of plug-in adapters for vCenter Orchestrator. 

For the company having development resources it means that they can develop plug-ins for their private usage or for the 200.000+ vCenter customers. For end users this translates into the future availability of a lot more plug-ins.

Quoting the SDK page:

The VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in SDK 4.2 is designed to jumpstart developers who are new to vCO plug-in development. It consists of the following components:

  • Eclipse add-on for vCO plug-in development
  • vCO sample plug-ins
  • vCO sample plug-in support services
  • Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Best Practice Guide
  • Videos

Very good candidate for orchestration are applications offering:

  • Java based API
  • Web services (SOAP, REST)

Resources from the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in SDK 4.2 communities:

Video: Installing & Configuring the SDK (4:30 min)

Video: Modifying & Installing Plug-ins (3:37 min)