Several vCenter Orchestrator plug-ins updates

It has just been announced on the VMware Orchestrator communities, several plug-ins have been updated with some critical updates, some new requested features and some minor fixes.

Quoting the communities post:

  • vCO-Powershell-Plug-in -1.0.1 - kerberos support added
  • vCO-SQL-Plug-in -1.1.0 - two related plugins combined with auto-generation as well as advanced SQL scripts. A few important issues fixed.
  • vCO-vCenter-Plug-in - - Critical update. Fixes a major issue with performance and losing attributes value. Update should be performed!
  • vCO-VUM-Plug-in - 5.0. - The new version of the plugin that supports the VUM 5.0 version of the product.
  • vCO-SNMP-Plug-in - 1.0.1 - Minor fix in relation to vCO policies listening for SNMP traps.

Download links located at:

vCO doc landing pages:

Release Notes:

Most of the plugins could be found fromt the product page:

All plugins (including plugins from partners) could be found here: