What customers do with vCenter Orchestrator ?

They do a combination of the following:

  • The run some of the library high level workflows.
  • Automate vCenter tasks, such as chaining repetitive operations in workflows. For example, automating the VM provisioning process.
  • Integrate VMware operations with their databases, change management and ticketing systems.
  • Create high-level workflows that involve different approvals and operations from different teams.
  • Provision the virtual infrastructure. For example adding hosts, creating and configuring clusters and resource pools.
  • Provision / set up the physical infrastructure used by the virtual infrastructure. For example, provisioning VLAN and LUNs though physical network switches and a SAN management interface.
  • Handle post-provisioning operations. For example running scripts, automating vCenter Update Manager.
  • Integrate existing Java code into vCO plug-ins. For example to manage customer, service, and technical applications.
  • Create Web service clients for plug-ins to orchestrate additional technologies.